Meet the painter.


1978 Antonia was born in Switzerland, her family moved to California in the early 80’s. She was raised in Rancho Sante Fe with her younger sister. Her father, a doctor and mother, an artist she spend her childhood looking forward to beach days and swimming in the pool. She was an AP honor art student throughout high school, making her mark as an artist early in adolescence. 

1996 She moved to Switzerland and attended a private American College, Franklin University in Lugano. She studied Italian, German, and continued with painting along with studying Art History. She traveled to neighboring countries on the weekends and discovered the novelty of places less traveled. She enjoyed traveling by train watching green fields, blue lakes, and sky high mountains. The following years she attended University of Montana, in Missoula. She had seen the movies "Legends of the Fall" and "A River Runs Though It", captured by the incredible landscape, she traded European culture for a "American Indian" lifestyle. She wanted to create something new and has an insatiable yearning to feel something unique through her art using earth as her main inspiration.

2008 "The move to Los Angeles" finding work as a stylist for production and photography. She discovered how vast the city is with so many creative people all trying to make a niche for themselves.

2012 Antonia moved back to her hometown in Southern California. She works at Feeding America, a food bank for San Diego which feeds homeless and poverty stricken children with healthy meals donated by local Grocery Stores.

Meet the plant enthusiast.

Outside of fine art Antonia has a passion for succulents and plants. Working with them and watching them grow has turned into a lucrative business as she has now started a new venture "replanting" while designing planter boxes and outdoor vessels. She quickly processes with a little research what plants will work best in the container and why the plants currently there do not survive. A skill some gardeners take years to master. Antonia's goal is to eventually refurbish all the old and unloved planters and vessels in North County (if she could).

2013 She began this venture as a part-time career focusing now on 15th Street in Del Mar a few local boutiques, restaurant, small businesses, and commercial suites.

2014 Antonia has followed her dream to start her own business "AB" selling her paintings & her planter services for onsite planter boxes, containers and vessels. Her goal is to create a relationship with many local galleries, boutiques, restaurants and commercial buildings along the coast. 

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